Display a welcome back user message for existing users on a ClearPass Webpage

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We might have a requirement where we want to display a welcome back message for existing users on a captive portal page within ClearPass. This article discusses how that can be configured 


In order to do this we can make use of the attributes that are tagged to the endpoint. We can correlate the MAC address in the 'mac' parameter of the redirect URL and the endpoint mac address and display the desired endpoint information. In this example we are going to display the username attribute that would normally be tagged to an Endpoint during MAC caching. However please note that any attribute that is tagged to the endpoint can be fetched on the ClearPass Webpage and displayed.


In the respective web-login page where you would like to display the welcome back message just paste this code.


{if $_endpoint.Username}
<font color = "blue" size="3"> Welcome back,</font> <font color ="red" size="3">{$_endpoint.Username|escape}</font>

Only if the endpoint has the username would the Welcome back, <Username> message would be displayed.  If the endpoint does not have any username attached to it then the webpage would look the same as before.

Typically all the users who have exhausted their MAC caching time would go back to the web login page and re-login. This code can go to that page so that the user can  feel more connected with his username being displayed.



To verify this we can connect a new device and authenticate that device on the captive portal network. Make sure that the regular updates to the endpoint like username update are performed.



Once the same user connects back with the same device and goes back to the captive portal page we configured (either because of the MAC Cache time expiring or because of the absence of MAC caching) with the code shown above the user would see the following


Please note that any endpoint attributes that are tagged to the endpoint can be fetched on the Clearpass web page and used in different ways. To see a list of all endpoint attributes that are available you can put the line below in your weblogin page 

{dump var=$_endpoint export=html}


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