Does Clearpass Support RADIUS as Authentication Source?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee


Does Clearpass Support RADIUS as Authentication Source?


 ClearPass supports several authentication and authorization sources – including Active Directories, LDAP stores, SQL stores, Kerberos stores and so on. A key omission here is RADIUS as an authentication/authorization source, which will allow ClearPass to query a third-party RADIUS server for the purposes of authentication & authorization.

Clearpass currently until 6.4 does not support this functionality and is scheduled to be part of 6.5 release.

This capability will allow ClearPass to interact with another standards-driven identity store, and provides ClearPass with a transparent interface that masks the details of the actual identity store behind the RADIUS interface.

Networks that interact with multiple customers commonly use RADIUS as a transport for identity data. This masks the details of an identity store that may lie behind the RADIUS interface, such as a Kerberos Identity Store. In situations such as this, RADIUS provides a transparent interface into multiple identity stores, thereby allowing ClearPass to interact with such a store in a seamless manner.

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Hi All, Is there a release schedule to show when v6.5 is due for release? My customer would like to use an existing database to authenticate guest users against, and AFAIK the only option to get to this is using RADIUS. TIA Gordie

Hi Gordie, 


CPPM 6.5 is scheduled for Early March 2015 ( tentative). I see that you have queries with using an external data base to authenticate guest users. Could you please send the details ( about the external existing data base) to




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