Error when clicking on any options in Clearpass Guest Module


On clicking different options in Clearpass Guest module, receive the below error:


Sample Error message in detail:

Caught error missing } after property list: Could not eval var res = {"item":{"id":"3315","username":"00-59-3C-8C-01-7C","start_time":1484173708,"expire_time":0,"sponsor_name":"mholden","sponsor_profile":"1","enabled":true,"current_state":"active","notes":"Testing Testing","visitor_carrier":null,"role_name":"[Guest]","role_id":2,"mac":"00-59-3C-8C-01-7C","mac_auth":true,"source":"mac_create","do_expire":"0","no_portal":"1","no_password":"1","remote_addr":"","visitor_name":"ITS-Apple","airgroup_enable":"1","airgroup_shared":"1","expire_postlogin":"0","simultaneous_use":"1","airgroup_shared_role":"","airgroup_shared_time":"","airgroup_shared_user":"cppm-testuser, cppm, aruba","sponsor_profile_name":"Super Administrator","airgroup_shared_group":"","airgroup_shared_location":"","_format":{"device_icon":"images\/icon-mac-auth22.png","device_class":"","device_style":"font-weight: bold;"}},"html":"\n\n\n\n<p>\n\tTo update the properties of this MAC device, use the form below:\n<\/p>\n\n<st

On clicking 'OK' as highlighted in the above error message, page never loads completely.


Found the below in debug logs of browser while replicating the issue:



As highlighted above, the warning is thrown by Kaspersky. On further analysis, we found the issue was because of below option enabled in Kaspersky:

Inject scripts into web traffic to interact with web pages


The fix is to disable option: Inject scripts into web traffic to interact with web pages under Settings -> Additional -> Network in Kaspersky. Below is the step by step screenshot.


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