Exiting Onguard Agent on Client does not change Role as Unhealthy

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : I have a dot 1 X authentication setup with health check. Killing the Onguard agent on my windows machine does not change my Role on the controller


Environment Information : This works best for CPPM 6.2


As per the service configuration, After exiting the Onguard agent from client device, client  remained in healthy role(should get quarantine role)

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The reason for the Role not getting changed is that for a DOT 1 X authentication, the Role is cached (default value was 300 seconds) and it will change only when the cache is timed out.

This time can be modified from "Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration"

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In our service the below option is checked, so the Healthy Role is cached for 300 seconds.

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Once the cache gets timed out, the Role will change to Unhealthy/Quarantine as defined in the policy.

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