HA Cluster stuck in initializing state

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: I'm trying to initialize an HA cluster and it's stuck in an intitializing state. What can I do?

Answer: On the Administrator -> High Availability -> Cluster Logs page, check the "RADIUS Synchronization maintenance" log (if you export the logs, it's /var/log/slony-service.log).

If you see a message about mdps_attribute, like this:

<stdin>:89: PGRES_FATAL_ERROR select "_amigopod".determineIdxnameUnique('public.mdps_attribute', NULL); - ERROR: Slony-I: determineIdxnameUnique(): table "public"."mdps_attribute" not found
<stdin>:189: Could not create shared table set

it means that some database tables which should have been created don't exist yet.


1. From the Administrator -> Plugin Manager -> Manage Plugins page, Remove the Mobile Device Provisioning Services plugin

2. From the Add New Plugin page, install the plugin again

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