How CPPM enforce registration works in airgroup

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AirGroup defines a global CLI configuration knob to control the default global whitelist or blacklist behavior for AirGroup servers.
This CLI configuration knob would be marked ‘disabled’ by default, as a part of factory default configuration. The factory-default disable value implies a whitelist behavior, wherein all AirGroup servers would be allowed by default.
This AirGroup configuration command will be available only on the master controller, and the respective local controllers will receive this configuration from the master controller. Thus an administrator will not be able to enable or disable CPPM Enforce Registration knob, on individual local controllers.
Configuring CPPM Enforce Registration knob:
General format:
[no] airgroup cppm-server enforce-registration
airgroup cppm-server enforce-registration
Verifying CPPM Enforce Registration Status:
show airgroup status
show airgroup status
AirGroup Enforce Registration

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