How To: AirGroup for Guest Users

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How-To: AirGroup for Guest Users


One of the major issues with using AirGroup for Guest Users is that once a Guest User changes over to MAC Caching, the username for that user is the device's MAC Address. Here is how to fix that.

Create a new enforcement profile called MAC-Auth-Update-Username with a type of RADIUS Based Enforcement (In CPPM->Configuration->Enforcement->Profiles->Add Enforcement Profile).

Add an Attribute to match the following:


Then add that enforcement to profile to your MAC Auth enforcement policy:



That's it. Now your guest's usernames will show up in the show user-table, even when they are MAC Caching:

(Pod5) #show user-table
    IP            MAC            Name              Role                            Age(d:h:m)  Auth  VPN link  AP name       Roaming   Essid/Bssid/Phy                       Profile                      Forward mode  Type     Host Name
----------   ------------       ------             ----                            ----------  ----  --------  -------       -------   ---------------                       -------                      ------------  ----     ---------  28:18:78:c5:2c:aa                     EBC-EDU-Guest-guest-logon       00:00:52                    EBC-Pod5-AP1  Wireless  EBC-EDU-Guest/6c:f3:7f:ee:f1:83/g-HT  EBC-EDU-Guest-aaa_prof tunnel        Windows  b8:e8:56:42:5e:aa                     authenticated                   00:00:01                    EBC-Pod5-AP1  Wireless  EBC-DEMO/6c:f3:7f:ee:f1:90/a-VHT      EBC-DEMO-aaa_prof            tunnel        OS X     Zachs-MacBook-Pro  f0:6b:ca:db:dc:aa                     authenticated                   00:01:10                    EBC-Pod5-AP1  Wireless  EBC-DEMO/6c:f3:7f:ee:f1:80/g-HT       EBC-DEMO-aaa_prof            tunnel        Android  a0:ed:cd:ea:8f:aa                     authenticated                   01:01:46                    EBC-Pod5-AP1  Wireless  EBC-EDU-PSK/6c:f3:7f:ee:f1:92/a-HT    EBC-EDU-PSK-aaa_prof         tunnel        AppleTV  EBC-EDU-AppleTV  30:10:e4:d6:44:aa authenticated                   00:00:11    MAC             EBC-Pod5-AP1  Wireless  EBC-EDU-Guest/6c:f3:7f:ee:f1:93/a-HT  EBC-EDU-Guest-aaa_prof tunnel        iPad  94:44:52:60:6f:aa                     authenticated                   01:00:23                    EBC-Pod5-AP1  Wireless  EBC-DEMO/6c:f3:7f:ee:f1:90/a-HT       EBC-DEMO-aaa_prof            tunnel
User Entries: 6/6
 Curr/Cum Alloc:7/226 Free:3/219 Dyn:10 AllocErr:0 FreeErr:0


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