How do I clear scan results?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all ECS product and software versions later than 3.9.28. For earlier versions, contact Customer Service.


Scan results are archived and purged on a regular basis. (By default this is every 7 days; see Scheduler view). If you need to clear scan results before the scheduled task, follow these instructions.

1) Go to the Topology view.

2) Select Campus Manager and right-click Properties.

3) Note the Scan Results Age Time and change the value to zero.

4) Click Apply.

5) Go to the Scheduler view.

6) Select the Database Backup task and right-click Run Now.

7) Select Run Archive or Purge Events and right-click Run Now.

8) Go the Events view, and verify that the Event Archive Purge was successful.

9) Go back to Campus Manager Properties.

10) Set the Scan Results Age Time back to the original value noted in step 3.


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