How do I perform a graceful shutdown of a NAC appliance configured for non-high availability?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all ECS product and software versions.

If you encounter problems or errors while using the NAC GUI, a graceful reboot may provide a remedy. However, if this does not resolve your situation, you may have to shut down and then power up the system.


  • PuTTY or other ssh software
  • Admin or greater access privileges

You can use the following general procedure for the NAC Management Server, NAC Application Server, or NAC Server:

1) If you can, log out of the GUI.

2) Connect to the NAC appliance CLI using ssh.

3) Log in as admin.

4) Run the following command to enable the admin user to shut down the appliance:

sudo -i

5) Run one of the following commands to halt the system:

shutdown -h now

6) After the system is shut down, power off the appliance by holding the power button in until the fans stop.

7) Wait 30 seconds.

😎 Press and release the power button.

1) After the system restarts, access the NAC GUI and log in.

2) Access different functions to verify that the device is working correctly.

3) Visit the Events page to review if any errors have been encountered upon reboot.

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