How does the policy manager licensing calculations works in High capacity guest mode.


I have 4 x 25k node cluster, which means i can have 200,000 policy manager licenses in High guest capacity mode. However, we used about 400,000 policy manager licenses in one day and now we have only 50,000 users authenticating but still licensing dashboard showing as more than 50,000 users authenticating? How does the Policy Manager license count work in High guest capacity mode.


If we exceed the user authentications count and reduced it, ClearPass reduces the user count gradually by using the below calculation mechanism.

In High capacity guest mode, licenses will be counted on daily basis for the period of 30 days, after 30 days it will refresh the calculation again.

It calculates like this:    Total license used,  divided by number of days till the 30th day.

For example:   In the same 4 x 25k HCG environment

Day 1, If the cluster's policy manager licenses were used about  400,000 user auths.  We will show as 400,000 used out of 200,000

Day 2, If the policy manager usage was about 200,000 users, we will show as 300,000 used out of 200,000

We show 300,000 because,     The total license used = (day 1) 400,000 + (day 2) 200,000  = 600,000    and the number of days = 2 (as it is the second day),  

which means >>    600,000/2  =  300,000 

Like wise,

Day 3,  If the usage was 100,000 users out of 200,000,   we show 233333.3  as (day 1 + day 2 + day 3) = 700,000 and divided by 3 (as it is the third day) = 233,333.3

Day 4,  If the usage is 0 out of 200,000,  we show 175000, as 700,000/4 = 175,000

so on, so forth till the day 30.

we reset the usage again from 1st of the month.

If any cluster or individual node,  is exceeding the usage on the 30th day, they would see the usage exceed error on the screen and the GUI will get locked out eventually, if we have that error exists, continuously for 3 out of six months.

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