How to Generate Application License using LMS

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Question This is a frequently asked question. That is how can i generate the Application license (Guest, OnBoard, OnGuard) using the licensing site, if i have the certificate ID and the subscription ID.
Environment Clearpass


We can follow the below steps to get the application license key using LMS.

1. Login to the licensing portal, i.e. using the credentials.

2. Go to the tab My Clearpass --> Activate Clearpass certificate.





3. Enter your subscription key in the box. 

4. Once after we do this it will give you the information mapped to the subscription id. Click on Import.




5. After that it will request for the certificate id. Enter the Application certificate ID you have received and click on submit.

6. This will help you in generating the Application license key. Add it to your server under Administration --> Server manager --> Licensing      --> Add license.





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