How to add new default Role in ClearPass Guest


When we create new Guest account in ClearPass Guest. It gives you three roles by default : Contractor, Employee and Guest. With this article, we can add more roles to it. 


By default when you log in to ClearPass guest and click on Create account under Guest. You will see below detail:

In Account Role, by default we have three roles: Contractor, Employee and Guest. To add more roles to it, go to ClearPass Policy Manager>configuration>Identity>Roles>Add a new role "Test Role". As mentioned in screen shot below below:

Now go to Role Mappings. ClearPass Policy Manager>configuration>Identity>Role Mappings>Look for existing default Role Mapping role names " [Guest Roles]" and click on it to Edit.

Now go to the third sub tab "Mapping Rules" under Guest Role and Add new role. In new role add the new value which is not added before as mentioned in below screen shot.

Note -  When you add new role use "[Role ID]" attribute under Name instead of simple Role ID.

After you save it. You will see new role under ClearPass Guest.


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