How to change Terms of Use in Clearpass 6.x.

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Aruba Employee

Introduction :


This document explains the steps on how to change 'Terms of Use' content in Clearpass-6.x registration page and weblogin page.


Environment :


If "Require a Terms and Conditions confirmation" option is selected on the weblogin settings or "Creator_accept_terms" field is enabled on the registration page: A check box to accept the terms will be displayed with an hyperlink 'terms of use' If clicked on that hyperlink, a new window shall oped with the default 'terms of use' content. To change the content to custom terms of use page, follow the below steps based on your requirement.

Configuration Steps :


By default all the 'terms of use' hyperlink will point to the internal 'terms of use' html page (under /guest/external/terms.html). To change the content to a custom URL follow the below steps:

  • Create a HTML page with custom 'terms and condition' content. We may also save the notepad content as '.html' extension to create a html file. 
  • Upload the html file to Clearpass (under Clearpass Guest--> Configuration--> Content manager--> Public Files) using 'Upload New Content' option.
  • Once uploaded, select the html file and click on the view content button. A new tab should open with the custom 'terms of use' page.
  • Copy the URL displayed on the browser tab. 

To change the terms of use Content globally:

To change the URL globally, navigate to Clearpass Guest --> Configuration--> Guest Manager and under General options, change the 'Terms of Use' URL to the copied URL (remove the Clearpass IP/FQDN along with the guest extension). The URL should start from 'public' (refer screenshot below). Once change save the configuration. 

Example configuration: 
User-added image 

Changing this content will override globally and affect the URL for all the registration page and weblogin page 'terms of use' hyperlink.

To change the terms of use Content individually on a each web login page:

To change the URL on the 'web login' page, edit the appropriate 'web login' page and enable the 'Override the default labels and error messages" option. Under 'Terms Text' option, write a 'href' html tag to point the hyperlink to the html file uploaded. Once modified, save the settings. 

Example configuration: 
User-added image

To change the terms of use Content individually on a each self-registration page:

To modify the hyperlink on guest self-registration page, edit the appropriate registration page and click on 'Form' option under 'Register Page'. Edit the 'creator_accept_terms' field and change the 'HTML' option with the 'href' tag. 

Note: Editing the 'Base Field' will change the field settings globally on take effect on all registration pages. However this change will not affect the web login pages. 

Example Configuration:
User-added image

If NAS login is enabled on the registration page, edit the 'Login Message' under the registration edit page. And enable the 'Override the default labels and error messages" option.   Under 'Terms Text' option, write a 'href' html tag to point the hyperlink to the html file uploaded.



Verification : To verify the changes made to the 'terms of use' hyperlink, open the modified Registration / Login page and click on the 'terms of use' hyperlink. The uploaded html content should open in a new tab.

Troubleshooting :


  • When clicked on the terms of use hyperlink, if 'page not found' error appears, verify the URL path. 
  • Remove any un-appropriate '/' (slashes) present on the URL and verify whether you are able to open the page manually. 
  • Modify the HTML script on each Registration/Login page appropriately, if the URL is mentioned incorrectly. 
  • If the page is not opened on a new link, verify the href tag and verify the tag option target="_blank" is mentioned correctly.


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Great article but missing the screen shots.  Would it be possible to get these added.  Struggling with To change the terms of use Content individually on a each self-registration page: without seeing an example




@johng3 Ill get started working to find out what has happened. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi Jamies any update on this?





Jamie E.,

Any luck on finding the User-added Images? They would be extremely helpful to create a T&C page. They are also missing on another of AnandKumar's posts at this URL:





Hi Brad I think this is what you are after.


This assumes that you have uploaded the new terms and conditions (different_terms.htm) to the public folder.


In \guest\configuration\pages\web logins


Select the web login registration page that you wish to use the different “Terms and Conditions”.  Enable “Custom Label” Override the default labels and error messages.


In the Terms Text: box enter the following


I accept the <a href="">terms of use</a>


Let me know if you have any problems.





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