How to check the Disk Read/ Write Throughput of ClearPass Server

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MVP Expert

How to check the disk read/ write throughput of ClearPass server?


We might require to check the disk throughput when troubleshooting performance issues particularly when the ClearPass server is hosted in VM. The following command from CLI would display the Total Disk Write/ Read Throughput (Current vs Recommended).

[appadmin@CPPM-VM]# show system-resources
WARNING - System has failed minimum required resource checks for C1000V.
 Current system configuration:
 Number of CPUs  = 8
 Total Memory    = 8.00 GB
 Total Disk Size = 100.00 GB
 Total Disk Write Throughput = 249
 Total Disk Read Throughput = 692
Required system configuration:
 Number of CPUs  = 8
 Total Memory    = 8 GB
 Total Disk Size = 1000 GB
 Total Disk Write Throughput = 50
 Total Disk Read Throughput = 70

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