How to collect weekly backups on Airwave instead of daily


Airwave runs nightly backup everyday and stores last 4 backups.


Is it possible to tweak Airwave to run backups weekly (on a given day of week)?


We have added this feature in the 8.0.8 release of Airwave. On this release we can schedule weekly backups.


Below is the way to configure it.

We have added a new flag in the DB, enable it by running the below command.

[root@localhost mercury]# dbc " update seas_config set backup_weekly_day = 1";

Please note the integer value  relates to the day of the week.

 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday and  7 = Sunday.


The above command will enable AMP to run the backup each Monday. 

Note: The nightly maintenance will continue to run each night. Hence the old logs/db will be cleaned as per the data retention settings.


If in future its required to disable this option, we can run the below command to do so.

[root@localhost mercury]# dbc " update seas_config set backup_weekly_day = NULL";



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