How to configure IPv6 in Clearpass


Support for IPV6 is added in Clearpass version 6.4.0 onwards.

  • IPv6 support was added at the platform level. The following IPv6 options are supported:
    • Management and data port addresses:
      • DNS addresses.
      • NTP server addresses.
      • Access Control List Configuration.
      • Profile module now tracks IPv6 elements in the network.
    • Insight stores IPv6 data for endpoints.


We can add IPv6 address from the Clearpass UI as shown below:

  • Navigate to Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration and click on the server in the list.

  • Select System tab and choose respective configure button to which you would need to set the IPv6 among Management Port, Data / External Port, DNS Settings.

  • Add the IPv6 addres and gateway information and hit update.
  • NOTE: IPv6 addresses use Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) so you do not need to specify a netmask for IPv6 addresses.
  • WARNINGChanging IP details might cause system to lose network connectivity and require relogin. Save Server Configuration page for changes to take effect.


Once the changes are made and when you are able to access the webUI of Clearpass, navigate to the following location and verify the updated IPv6 address.

Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration >> Click on the server from the list. >> System tab will show you the updated IPv6 information as shown below.



We can also run # show ip command from the Clearpass command line to verify the same.

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