How to create multiple Guest accounts with same passowrd on Clear Pass Guest

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains about creating multiple guest account with same password.


Environment : This article works best on 6.2  and greater versions of CPPM.


We can create multiple accounts that have the same password. In order to do this, we will first customize the Create Multiple Guest Accounts form to include the Password field.

To include the Password field on the Create Multiple Guest Accounts form:

    1.    Navigate to Configuration > Forms & Views. Click the create_multi row, then click its Edit Fields link. The Customize Form Fields view opens, showing a list of the fields included in the Create Multiple Guest Accounts form and their descriptions.

At this point, the Password field is not listed because the Create Multiple Guest Accounts form (create_multi) has not yet been customized to include it. You will create it for the form in the next step.

    2.    Click on any field in the list to expand a row, then click the Insert After link (you can modify this placement later). The Customize Form Field form opens.
    3.    In the Field Name row, choose password from the drop-down list. The form displays configuration options for this field.





4.     In the Field row, mark the Enable this field check box.

    5.     To adjust the placement of the password field on the Create Multiple Guest Accounts form, you may change the number in the Rank field.

    6.     In the User Interface row, choose Password text field from the drop-down list. The Field Required check box should now be automatically marked, and the Validator field should be set to IsNonEmpty.

    7.     Click Save Changes. The Customize Form Fields view opens again, and the password field is now included and can be edited.


To create multiple accounts that all use the same password:

    1.     Go to Guest > Create Multiple. The Create Guest Accounts form opens, and includes the Visitor Password field.


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