How to find ClearPass server UUID using API Explorer?



  • Starting from 6.8.0 version, we now have options to get/modify the details regarding services/service parameters that are present under Server Administration in GUI.


  • However, this parameters are server specific. So, in order to interact with them using API, we would need to know the server UUID of desired ClearPass server.




  • Server UUID can be retrived from API Explorer(REST API) by performing a "GET" call to API resource: /cluster/server/




  • We need OAuth2 Access Token to be present to make sure we can access required resources using API explorer
  • Navigate to Guest>Administration>API Services>API clients and create client like shown below:


Note: Operator profile assigned to API client should have following privileges:




  • In order to find UUID from API explorer, please navigate to API explorer of your server by using URL: https://<Your_server_IP>/api-docs
  • Navigate to Platform>ServerConfiguration​​


  • Expand option: GET /cluster/server/ and click on "Try it out!" button




  • You should see response like below in API explorer, which contains server UUID:

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "https://<Your_Server_IP>/api/cluster/server"
  "_embedded": {
    "items": [
        "name": "",
        "local_server": false,
        "server_uuid": "7cb818bd-0015-4580-99f2-9fddd853a617",
        "server_dns_name": "",
        "fqdn": null,
        "server_ip": null,
        "management_ip": "<Your_Server_IP>",
        "ipv6_server_ip": "",
        "ipv6_management_ip": "",
        "is_master": false,
        "extras": null,
        "is_insight_enabled": false,
        "is_insight_master": false,
        "replication_status": "ENABLED",
        "last_replication_timestamp": "2020-04-16 12:10:59+05:30",
        "is_profiler_enabled": true,
        "_links": {
          "self": {
            "href": "https://<Your_Server_IP>/api/cluster/server/7cb818bd-0015-4580-99f2-9fddd853a617"


  • If you have ClearPass cluster setup then above GET call will show results for all cluster servers.
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