How to find the AD bind password configured on ClearPass


How can one find the AD bind password configured on ClearPass


We can find out the bind password via the GUI, via an XML file.



Need to follow the below mentioned steps to get the XML file.


Please navigate to CPPM > Configuration > Authentication > Sources > Select the AD auth source > Click on Export



Now here please enter a password (secret) and click on export



Now open the exported xml file via a XML editor/browser.


Here you will be able to see the configured bind password (mentioned as below)


<NVPair name="connect_type" value="ssl"/>

<NVPair name="port" value="636"/>

<NVPair name="verify_peer" value="false"/>

<NVPair name="identity" value=""/>

<NVPair name="password" value="sdfsdvvbnfghcwAghj"/>


Note:  Export option is only present for CPPM super users (admin level) and not all user types.


This can be verified by comparing the bind account password from AD (if once has access to the DC).

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