How to get Airgroup Device owner information for a Airgroup Shared device


How to get device owner information while using Airgroup Shared Device enforcement profile


When [Airgroup Shared Device] enforcement profile is used, 'show airgroup cppm entries' table in the controller will show the device-owner column as N/A. 

When we add Radius:Aruba Aruba-AirGroup-User-Name=%{Authorization:[Guest Device Repository]Smiley FrustratedponsorName} attribute to the [Airgroup Shared Device] enforcement profile, 'show airgroup cppm entries' device-owner column will be populated. 

By Airgroup design definition, a shared device will not have a device owner information. But there are cases where a device is owned by a specific department in the Organization. We can make use of this change to cater this requirement.




'Show airgroup cppm entries' With default [Airgroup Shared Device] enforcement profile:


Copy the Default Airgroup Shared Device enforcement profile and add the Airgroup User-Name attribute that will be the sponsor name(department administrator).




Output of Show airgroup CPPM entries from the controller with modified Airgroup Enforcement Profile.

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