How to hide exit/quit option of OnGuard agent in the windows system tray?

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Hiding exit/quit option of OnGuard agent in the windows system tray to prevent the user from exiting the agent.




OnGuard agent exit option can be hidden through an agent based enforcement. 


Create an agent based enforcement profile as shown below and apply the same in the OnGuard Health-Check/WEBAuth service to hide the exit/quit option of the OnGuard agent on the windows client.

Creating the enforcement profile:

Mapping the enforcement profile to the service.


If the agent based enforcement profile is already exist in the Health-Check/WebAuth service for different action, then the "Enable to hide Quit option" can also be added to the same enforcement profile instead of creating a new profile.



The Access Tracker output will confirm the "HideQuitOption" being applied to the agent followed by the Health-Check.


The below log from the OnGuard agent on Windows client confirms the attribute "HideQuitOption" received with the value True.

2016-09-27 21:41:37,391 [Th 0000df1c] INFO  OnGuardPlugin.AuthSession - ProcessResponse: Response={status=0, statusMsg=, sohrSize=279, opaqueAuthState=04l5l/o7Nx7KBHcN7ZjmDM1efqf2RMFgwNgrPsSae4KD0N9DoCLsiS/U8MZPVoiZKowEy83tzHvq75yVyARtZuZT0GcPHj0NqdJgGSHE55Z3PRu/ZepuOLZZIK6x3mMOwVX0DboB94izwYyv+XxHAgqEGoLmFOJzKb+FLBb4pwg=, attributes=[{N=BounceClient V=false}, {N=Message V=System is healthy}, {N=HideQuitOption V=true}, ]}


As a final result, the exit option in the system tray is removed when you right client on the agent icon.



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