How to load CPPM private Mibs on a generic LINUX(NMS) server to monitor it


I want to do SNMP walk to Clearpass using its private mibs from my generic LInux server by enabling SNMP module on it.


What are needed:

Generic Linux server and a Clearpass server


We will need to do the following to acheive the requirement:

1.  Install SNMP module on the Linux server.

2.  Download CPPM private MIBS from

3.  copy the MIB files to the LInux server to be able to do the snmp walks.


1.  Install the snmp module and start them on the Linux server, using the below KB:


2. Download Aruba MIB and ClearPass MIBS from from the below location:


3. Copy the above downloaded files to /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ on the linux server using Winscp or any other similar scp tool.


4. Edit/Create the file snmp.conf in /usr/share/snmp/snmp.conf and put the below contents in it, using Vi or any other similar editor tool:

mibfile /usr/share/snmp/mibs/aruba-cppm.txt
mibfile /usr/share/snmp/mibs/aruba.txt


5. Restart the SNMPD service, by running the below command:

# service snmpd restart













Now using this server, we should be able to Query all CPPM Private MIBS below  are few example OIDS:

Now you should be able to get the response for the oids, you mentioned in the email trail below, which are:                                                                                                               .


cppmSystemModel          DisplayString,

cppmSystemSerialNumber   DisplayString,

cppmSystemVersion        DisplayString,

cppmSystemHostname       DisplayString,

cppmClusterNodeType      DisplayString,

cppmZoneName             DisplayString,

cppmNumClusterNodes      Integer32,

cppmNwMgmtPortIPAddress  IpAddress,

cppmNwMgmtPortMACAddress DisplayString,

cppmNwDataPortIPAddress  IpAddress,

cppmNwDataPortMACAddress DisplayString,

cppmSystemMemoryTotal    Counter64,

cppmSystemMemoryFree     Counter64,

cppmSystemDiskSpaceTotal Counter64,

cppmSystemDiskSpaceFree  Counter64,

cppmSystemNumCPUs        Integer32,

cppmSystemUptime         TimeTicks,

cppmSystemIdx            Integer32


When we do the Walk we will get the below example response:

[root@localhost mibs]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c <community string> <CPPM IP> cppmNwMgmtPortMACAddress

Bad timestamp format (11 or 13 characters) (2011122200000Z): At line 164 in /usr/local/airwave/share/snmp/mibs/

Group not found in module (ciscoLwappSysIgmpConfigGroup): At line 53 in /usr/local/airwave/share/snmp/mibs/

Undefined OBJECT-GROUP (cLMobilityGroupRev01ConfigGroup): At line 1005 in /usr/local/airwave/share/snmp/mibs/

CPPM-MIB::cppmNwMgmtPortMACAddress.0 = STRING: 00:50:56:9f:45:f0

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