How to reset the ClearPass Hardware appliance to factory defaults


How to reset the ClearPass Hardware appliance to factory defaults?


The command "system factory-reset" will reset the user's current partition of a hardware appliance to factory defaults. (This command needs to be executed from CLI (appadmin login).

This command resets policy settings and system settings such as network settings and FIPS mode, and resets ClearPass Guest, ClearPass Onboard, and ClearPass Extensions. It resets or clears configuration files such as SSH, IPsec, and NTP, and clears licensing information and log files. It does not change the ClearPass version of the current partition. This command does not affect the second partition. After execution, the system is rebooted and must be bootstrapped at login.

Users should be aware of the effects of the command and first perform all necessary data backups. A warning message alerts the user to this need, and the command is not executed until they confirm it. If the appliance is a publisher, running either of these commands drops it from the cluster, and the stand-by publisher then becomes the publisher. If the appliance is a subscriber, it is dropped from the cluster and becomes a stand-alone appliance

Note : Users must take a backup first, and must store it outside of the system. Any backup that is stored inside the system will be deleted.

This command is applicable to Hardware appliance only.

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