How to retrieve sample tips-api tags from ClearPass server to create new guest accounts?


How to retrieve sample tips-api tags from ClearPass server to create guest accounts?


We are using ClearPass tipsapi to create new guest accounts. We would like to know how to retrieve the current tags name in use ,

  • incase of any change in the tags name after the server upgrade
  • or if we need to add additional fields to the guest user accounts.



If you have any guest user accounts exist in the ClearPass Server, then you can read the guest user details via /tipsapi/config/read/GuestUsers to find out the tipsapi tag names.


If you do not have any guest user accounts exist in the ClearPass server, then you could create a new account from GUI under ClearPass Guest >>  Create Account and retrieve the tag names and other details.



To retrieve the guest account details, just post the XML request to the URL "https://cppm-ip/hostname/tipsapi/config/read/GuestUser from any web browser. 


Note: The server will prompt for username and password to access the above URL, use an admin account with "API Administrator" Privilege. ClearPass api admin accounts can be created under ClearPass Policy Manager >> Administration >> Users and Privileges >> Admin Users.




Please find below the sample output of the URL  https://cppm-ip/hostname/tipsapi/config/read/GuestUser.









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