How to upgrade the Endpoint_Compliance_System (ECS) on setup with dedicated network control server and network application server?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Endpoint Compliance System (ECS) functionality could be split to dedicated server to provide higher users capacity support. For example, the standalone E50 or E50R model will support up to 1000 users where the paired appliance model E100C and E100R will be able to support up to 6000 users.


In the paired appliance setup where the functionalities are split between two dedicated servers, when upgrading the software version, you only need to perform the code upgrade on the control server. The code will be synchronizing to the application server.


To upgrade from the Linux shell, follow the steps below:       

1.  Login to the E100C, the control server.       

2.  Type the following command to get root level access.                  

a.   sudo –i       


3.  Type the following command to get to the /bsc/campusMgrUpdates directory.                  

a.   up       


4.  Type the following commands to download the code to the server.                  

a.   ftp                   

b.   Type in the username and password                  

c.   bin                  

d.   prompt                  

e.   mget *<date code>*                   

f.   quit       


5.   Type the following command to get to the /bsc/campusMgr/bin directory


6.   Type the following command to start the upgrade.                   

a.   updateCampusMgrServers <date code>      



7.   After the upgrade is complete, the campus manager processes will be restarted and wait for a minute or two, you               could then login to the ECS again.

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