How to use the built in LDAP browser to verify the LDAP or LDAPS connection to the LDAP server?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The Endpoint Compliance System (ECS) has include a Java based LDAP browser to assist you to verify the LDAP connection to the LDAP server. 

To run the LDAP utility, type the following link on your web browser. 

https://<IP Address>:8443/runTime/tools/ldapbrowser/applet.html 

Follow the steps below to create a connection to the LDAP server. 

      1.   Click on File > Connect. 
      2.   Click on New > Enter the name for the new connection. 
      3.   Click on Connection 
                  a.  Enter the LDAP server IP address 
                  b.  Click on Fetch DNs 
                  c.  Uncheck the Anonymous Bind option 
                  d.  Enter the User DN and check on the append base DN 
                  e.  Enter the password for the user. 
                   f.  Click on save 
                  g.  On the Session List, select the LDAP server created and click on connect. 

Sample configuration screen capture 





Sample LDAP directory screen 




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