How to view only specific authentication requests in access tracker


How to view only "Healthy/Unhealthy" requests from a specific Webauth service.




If we have more than one Webauth service (based on conditions such as Device type or NAS IP or posture status etc) and we need only Healthy/Unhealthy requests from a specific service in access tracker for administrative use; we need to create a custom Data filter.


Below are the steps to achieve the same:


  1.       Navigate to Monitoring > Data filters > Click on "Add" option to create a new filter
  2.       Specify a name on the "Filter" tab
  3.       Select the "Rule" tab to specify the unique condition (to filter the access tracker request)
  4.       Create the below conditions: 

                 ( CommonSmiley Frustratedystem-Posture-Token CONTAINS Healthy ) 
                 -   AND   -   ( CommonSmiley Frustratedervice CONTAINS Windows-health-check )

      5.        Save this filter



Now we can use this Data filter in access tracker to only view Healthy Webauth requests from "Windows-health-check" service.




So now we can verify the output by looking at the access tracker. 

At present we can see "Eight" webauth requests in access tracker. Now we want to see only Healthy web-auth request from "Windows-health-check" service.


We change the data filter to the Custom "healthy-filter" and now only see one request in access tracker as per our requirement.




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