I am unable to import a patch to CPPM. I downloaded the file from support site and verified its integrity ( MD5 checksum) after download but CPPM rejects it.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Sometimes we may see the below error while importing a patch to CPPM.

Error is " Content-type "text/plain" is not supported".




This occurs because of a missing MIME entry in the browser.

We would need to add entry of .bin to the browser.

On Windows, navigate to Control Panel - > Network and Internet -> Internet Options.

Click on Programs and then 
Set Programs


rtaImage (1).png


Click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program"


rtaImage (2).png


And map .BIN file  to  Internet Explorer or any browser which we are using.


rtaImage (3).png


Once this is done, we would be able to upload the patch without any error.

In case we see similar error while uploading a Server certificate, we will add the change the default program as "Crypto Shell Extension" for extensions".PEM, .DER, .CER, .P7B "

In recent releases, We release patches with extension of ".zip.signed" and not ".bin". We must not change the extension and upload the package with the same name and extension.








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