Import Guest Accounts in ClearPass Guest

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

IntroductionThis shows the process of importing guest accounts in ClearPass Guest using tsv format , csv format, etc.


EnvironmentTested with ClearPass Guest version 3.9.8


Configuration Steps: 


Navigate to Guests>Import Accounts.

we can choose a file or copy paste in the "Account Text" area. See below for copying the tsv format:

Sponsor Email             Full Name    Username              Role        Activation              Expiration Aruba            2            6/13/2013 0:00      6/14/2013 0:00


Follow the screenshot and check the box which says "Advanced". Leave the other options to default.
# "Import Format" should be automatic if you don't know the format.
#  "Header" check the box which says header as it will take the first row as header and press "Next" you will see the below page:


It will detect the fields automatically and looks like above screenshot. We can also manually select the fields. Click "Next"

 Fields like above will show and account can be created by clicking on "Create Guest Accounts".

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When importing accounts is there a way to send email / sms to theuser in each account? i.e import 20 user accounte with email and sms number and send receipt to each user( send out 20 individual emails/sms)



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