Install license from WebUI on a CPPM with expired license.


I am using CPPM on a VM. I had ignored the license expiration warning and now the license finally expired.


I am aware of the process to install to install the new license from CLI, is there a way to install the same from WebUI?


If the license expired on CPPM, the Webui will display the below message.



The WebUI will be locked and users will not be able to login to CPPM via WebUI.

We can renew the license from WebUI.


Navigate to : Https://<IP>/tips/updateLicense.action

Once you are here, you would get an option to install the license.



Paste the new license in the "New License Key" tab and update.


Once done, it will validate the key and redirect you to the login screen.



Steps to install the license from CLI.


Login to Shell with "appadmin" login.


and run the below command.


[appadmin@Quamruz-lab]# system install-license  system install-license <license key>

    <license key>   --  Policy Manager license key to be installed





Once the license is updated, we will be able to login to WebUI and the below command will show the new licenses.


[appadmin@Quamruz-lab]# show license
Application              : PolicyManager
License key              : MO4Y-SKL23W-QIK3-MIK47F-JQQV5X-F4UE-SC2BV6-RCFNNQ-U3Y5-NKPUMA
License key type         : Evaluation
License added on         : 2015-06-22 10:11:12
Validity                 : 180 days
Issued for               : 500 users
Customer id              : 5IG52RVO
Licensed features        : <not applicable>


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