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Integrating Airwave with CPPM

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Steps to integrate Airwave with CPPM. (This feature is available only from 7.6.x version of Airwave)

On CPPM Server.

Go to Administration Tab,





Under Administration Tab go to Server Configuration.


rtaImage (1).png



Once after selecting server configuration, select the server name from the server configuration window,


rtaImage (2).png



After selecting server name go to the System monitoring Tab,


rtaImage (3).png



Under System monitoring Tab we can configure the snmp version and the community string.


rtaImage (4).png



On Airwave Side.

Go to Device setup --> Add and select Aruba Clear pass policy manager from the drop down.


rtaImage (5).png


After selecting Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager, provide the IP address of the CPPM server as well as the community string which we have configured on CPPM server under System monitoring Tab


rtaImage (6).png

Once after adding we can see the status of the CPPM as UP on Airwave.


rtaImage (7).png

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What is the V2C community string?  Is it simply a password?

The Community is a string of character that must match on both side.

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