Is there an easier way to reorder services in ClearPass


In ClearPass, when we have many services and we wish to reorder them, the option is to manually "Move Up" or "Move Down". Is there any easier way to move the services up or down?


Starting ClearPass 6.6.0, there is an easier way to move a service up or down.



In ClearPass 6.5.x and lower, the present way to move a service up or down is as following:


  • Here first we need to select the service that we need to move up or down
  • Then click on the button "Move Up" or "Move Down" to reorder the service
  • Click save in the bottom


Starting ClearPass 6.6.0, following is the way to move a service up or down:



  • Select the service that you need to reorder (here Guest Operator Logins)
  • Scroll/Move over your mouse to the position you need to put the service
  • While you move the mouse you would see the option "Move to 3rd position or 4th position etc"
  • As per the required place, now again click the mouse and the service will be reordered to that position



We could see that the service was reodered to 4th postiton.

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