MAC Auth does not work on CPPM

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : I am using Clear pass guest to allow my guest users via Captive Portal authentication. however i would want the mac of the guest to be cached and the next time guest associates, he should get authenticated via Mac auth. 

The Captive Portal works fine but Mac auth does not. I am sure that the services are correct.


Solution :


In this condition, if no Mac Auth request are hitting CPPM. So the service configuration does not come into picture.


We must make sure that on Clear Pass guest we have allowed mac authentication. Please see the below steps.

Login to Clear Pass and Navigate to " Home » Administration » Plugin Manager"

Search for "Mac Authentication" Plugin and click on "Configuration"




Make sure that "Allow users to be detected via their MAC address" is selected.


rtaImage (1).png


If this field is checked, we would see the auth request in the Access tracker.

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