Online Transaction Invoice Number not tracked(AMG to CPPM Migration).

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Is the invoice_number usage tracked when we migrate Amigopod to CP 6.x? 
Do we replicate the invoice_number on Subscriber when it is updated on Publisher in 6.x?


Environment  : CPPM 6.x version running Guest/HotSpot.


HotSpot Online Transaction fails when the invoice_number is duplicated or invalid.


When we migrate from Amigopod to CPPM/CPG 6.x, the invoice_numbers used in Amigopod is not restored and CPPM starts from 1 and continues to increment the values(+1) by default.

If your CP 6.x uses the same invoice_number then the the transaction will fail with the below message.


'message' => 'The transaction was refused as a result of a duplicate invoice ID supplied. Attempt with a new invoice ID'.



Customer reported that the Invoice Number used for online transaction is not carried forward when they migrated from Amigopod to CP 6.x.


Their Amigopod server had the invoice_number started from P-334 and used up to P-1182 before the Migration.


After the migration to CP-6.x the Invoice Number Started from P-1 and worked up to P-333, but as soon as reached the invoice_number=P334, the transaction failed/refused with the below error.

'invoice_number' => 'P-334',
'invoice_desc' => '1 x Daily Access (Premium Internet access)',
Details: array (
'result' => array (
'error' => 1,
'approved' => 0,
'reason_code' => '10536',
'reason_text' => 'Invalid Data',
'message' => 'The transaction was refused as a result of a duplicate invoice ID supplied. Attempt with a new invoice ID',


You need to edit the file "HotspotInvoiceNumber.dat" in the ClearPass server and increase the invoice_number sequence to higher value than the one what is used in Amigopod.

Note: Making changes to the file "HotspotInvoiceNumber.dat" in Publisher is not replicated to the Subscriber.


As of now it is recommended to Point hotspot transaction to Publisher.

And assign higher value to invoice_number on Subscriber which would not Conflict with the Publisher in case of Publisher failure/failover.

Editing the file "HotspotInvoiceNumber.dat" needs shell access and only the ClearPass Support TAC has access permission to do it. So you need to open up a ticket with Aruba Support, in order make the above recommended changes.

Feature request(23902) has been filed, requesting invoice_number sequence/usage replication to Subscribers and to retain the same when we import the configuration from Amigopod.



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