Profile and Posture Updates

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : All ClearPass versions.


Q: What is Profile and Posture Updates is used for?
A: It is used to update supported AntiVirus, Antispyware, Windows Hot Fixes, End point finger prints for profiling (MAC OUI). This does not include CPPM updates. 

Q: What is the frequency of these updates? Is it possible to update manually?
A: CPPM checks for these updates on an hourly basis. The frequency of updates cannot be configured. However one can manually update by clicking on "Check Status Now" under Administration » Agents and Software Updates » Software Updates.

Q: How is it managed in a cluster, does each of the server handle this on its own?
A: Only the publisher has to be updated. Publisher pushes these updates to all the subscribers in the cluster.

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I am attempting to update "Posture and Profile Data Updates" on two 25K Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager Appliances. The one big caveat is neither of these devices can access the Internet. The last update was completed November 24, 2015, is there a way to manually download and install these updates without the Internet query of the ClearPass  Subscription Server?

Or is there a way to enter the Subscribition ID and get what this particular device needs?

Thanks for the Help.


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