Profiling for devices with DHCP IP works fine but fails for Static IP devices.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

DHCP attributes such as option55 (parameter request list), option60 (vendor class) and options list from DISCOVER and REQUEST packets can uniquely fingerprint most devices that use the DHCP mechanism to acquire an IP address on the network. Switches and controllers can be configured to forward DHCP packets such as DISCOVER, REQUEST and INFORM to CPPM.


These DHCP packets are decoded by CPPM to arrive at the device category, family, and name. Apart from fingerprints, DHCP also provides hostname and IP address. For this to happen we need to configure CPPM_IP as a IP_helper address on Vlan interface.
In  static ip  of the client device, they will not come across with DORA (
Discover, Offer, Request and Acknowledgement) process to obtain ip address  resulting no profiled information  for these devices.

We can add the NAS device with SNMP Community string as a fix for this.




We need to make sure that the same string is configured on the NAS device.

We must also verify the  correct syntax for ip subnet to scan. IP subnet to scan :

Syntax is : Subnet/Subnet mask.


rtaImage (1).png


We can also change Poll interval on CPPM.

 Navigate to Administration > Server Configuration > Service Parameters tab > ClearPass network services option > Device Info Poll Interval


rtaImage (1).jpg

CPPM should be able to get the profiling information after making the above changes.

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