Radius service stopped in Clearpass and failed to start

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment Information- Any Clearpass version, processing authentication requests for any supported vendor network devices.

Symptoms- Authentication requests failing with the alert in access tracker saying radius server failed to start, when we look at the, service control tab, in the Clearpass GUI, by navigating to Administration --> server configuration --> click on the server in question, and go to the sub tab service control, we can see that Radius service is stopped as seen below:



When we try to start it manually, we would see the below error:

rtaImage (1).jpg


Cause- We could se the cause,  by collecting the logs from the Clearpass GUI Administration --> Server manager --> Server configuration, select the server in question and click collect logs as shown below:

rtaImage (2).jpg


download the logs, unzip it to open the folder name stating with tmpxxxxx > PolicyManagerLogs > tips-radius-server > open radius.log.0,

if we see the below error in the last line:

2015-01-29 10:23:15,627 [main] ERROR RadiusServer.Radius - /var/avenda/tips/radconfig/radiusd.conf[167]: Failed to look up hostname

It means that, when adding a network device, under configuration > Network > devices > the IP format is invalid, as shown below:

rtaImage (3).jpg


Resolution- correcting the IP from  to or any correct value, would fix the issue.

once this is changed, try starting the radius service again, that should work.


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