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Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

To start you must set the log level of 'Radius server' in eTIPS to DEBUG, then send a request to eTIPS, collect logs and forward them to us.

Here are the steps to set the log level to DEBUG:

a) Go to "Administration » Server Manager » Log Configuration" screen
b) In the "Select Service" drop down box, select "Radius server"
c) In the "Log Level" drop down box, select "DEBUG"
d) Click on "Save" button

Here are the steps to collect the logs:

a) Go to "Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration" screen
b) Click on "Collect Logs" button
c) In the "Collect Logs" popup, enter etips-logs.tar.gz in output file name text box
d) Unselect "Specify date range" check box
e) Enter 3 in "For number of days until today" text box (collects logs for last 3 days)
f) Click on "Start" button
g) Download the log file to your desktop

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