Unable to fetch endpoint attributes for RAP having part_id starting with JW from ArubaActivate


Unable to fetch endpoint attributes for RAP having part_id starting with JW from ArubaActivate server when configured as endpoint context server.


There could be scenarios where RAP profiling via Aruba Activate when configured as endpointcontext servers are intermittent. ClearPass would be able to fetch endpoint attributes for fewRAPs from Aruba Activate server but few RAPs's attributes wouldn't be fetched from ArubaActivate server.

This issue is seen with RAPs having part_id starting with JW only.

By default when we add Aruba Activate as endpoint context server, below filters would be applied by default:

RAP* and IAP*


The above filter ensures that only part id's which start with RAP/IAP are queried and updated in ClearPass endpoint database. Recently, RAPs are being sent out with HPE part id#JWxxx. We found that RAPs with HPE part id#JWxxx were not getting profiled in ClearPass. The fix is to add JW* tolist of filters or remove the filters that are already set by default.


After making the above changes, RAPs with part id#JWxxx would be profiled in ClearPass via theAruba Activate server.


The fix is to add the part id to list of filters or remove the filters that are already set by default.

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