WebUI of CPPM does not respond/allow to make changes

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : I am unable to add a new NAD device to CPPM


Environment Information : This issue is seen on CPPM 6.1.0 and to later 6.1 codes if the below discussed patch is not installed.


Symptoms : The WebUI freezes and does not allow users to make any changes on it.


Cause : This can be addressed by installing the "ClearPass 6.1 Admin UI issues patch" on the server.

Details of the patch: This patch fixes the issue, where the Admin UI does not work properly on CPPM servers which have no Internet access.

Download the patch from http://support.arubanetworks.com/DownloadSoftware/tabid/75/DMXModule/510/EntryId/10920/Default.aspx  and upload it to CPPM as shown below.

Navigate to "Administration » Agents and Software Updates » Software Updates" on CPPM and click on "Import Updates"

User-added image

NOTE: The file will not be visible on WebUI and we will install the patch from CLI.

Login to CLI as "appadmin" and run the below commands.

# system update -i <name of patch>

This will install the patch and the issue will be addressed.

Below is the list of issues which would be resolved by installing this patch.

1: WebUI does not allow any changes to be made.
2: Unable to add a new local user to CPPM.
3: Unable to add a new NAD device.

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