What are the additional features available with Airgroup - CPPM integration as of ArubaOS 6.3?

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Question What are the additional features available with Airgroup - CPPM integration as of ArubaOS 6.3?
Environment This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS with Airgroup enabled and integrated with CPPM (ClearPass Policy Manager).


Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager software delivers identity and device-based network access control across any wired, wireless, and VPN infrastructure. AirGroup can be deployed with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (recommended for large WLANs), or without ClearPass in smaller networks. If your deployment does not include CPPM, some features that require ClearPass interaction will not be available.

Following are the additional features that become available with the integration of CPPM:

  • The ClearPass Policy Manager portal for WLAN administrators allows to register shared devices such as conference room Apple TVs and printers. The ClearPass Guest portal for WLAN users allows end users to register their personal devices.
  • CPPM can help in providing a filtered mDNS response to AirGroup user’s query based on its physical location.
  • Visibility of a shared device depends on the various sharing attributes like shared user list, shared role list and location parameters configured for the device.
  • A registered personal device is visible to the device owner or to others with whom the device owner has shared the device with.
  • More granular access control policies like a shared user list, shared role list, location policies etc. could be applied to AirGroup servers using CPPM server.
  • With "Enforce Registration" knob on controller, airgroup servers can be forced to register before they are included in the responses to user's query.

NOTE: Both, Integrated and Standalone deployment models can use CPPM Integration. AirGroup deployments that include both ClearPass Policy Manager and an AirGroup controller support more features than deployments with only an AirGroup controller.

Following table shows the available airgroup features against deployment models:





The Aruba AirGroup Solution includes the Aruba mobility controller, ClearPass Policy Manager, and ClearPass Guest. The following table describes the requirements for each component:




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