What are the limitations for the hostname of ClearPass?

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Aruba Employee

Question: What are the limitations for the hostname of ClearPass?

Environment: ClearPass all versions


 The following limitations are applicable for a hostname of ClearPass:

    Alpha numeric characters, dash (-) and underscore (_) are allowed in the first label of the hostname.
    Special characters like !@#$%^&*() are not allowed.
    Hostname should be of 15 characters or less when used without FQDN.
    Hostname should be of 61 characters or less when used with FQDN and the first label should not exceed 15 characters.

Note: If ClearPass is already joined to the domain, then it needs to rejoin the domain if the hostname is changed, as prompted in the example below.



Hostname of ClearPass can be updated from CLI or GUI.

Login to ClearPass CLI using the following credentials: Username - appadmin / Password - eTIPS123 (this is the default password, if it has not been changed)

Run the commands:

show hostname (this command displays the current hostname of the server)
configure hostname <host name> (this command updates the hostname of the server)





Login to ClearPass GUI and change the hostname by navigating to Administration - Server Manager - Server Configuration - Click on the server - System - Hostname.

Examples of Valid hostnames:








policy-manager1 (15 characters)







policy-manager1.clearpass-1344-b-sunnyvale-aruba-networks.com (FQDN consists of 61 characters)





Examples of Invalid hostnames:




policy-manager12 (more than 15 characters)
policy-manager1.clearpass-1344-b1-sunnyvale-aruba-networks.com (FQDN consists more than 61 characters)




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