What is "Paging Control Error on CPPM"

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

I see the below error " Paging Control on the LDAP is disabled. You will see limited hierarchy". What does this mean and how does it affects CPPM?


The error "Paging Control on the LDAP is disabled. you will see limited hierarchy" may be seen on CPPM when we navigate to "Configuration » Authentication » Sources" , When we browse the LDAP server using our CPPM browser, we may see the below error.


This Error is caused because Paging setting is not defined on the AD/LDAP. Paging setting on the LDAP server will not  affect authentication flow. This setting is only for the LDAP browser as we query and show all records from LDAP/AD and if Paging controls are not set, CPPM limits display to max 50 records and show the above message.

We can also use the below CLI command to verify the LDAP account.

Login to CLI via "appadmin" user and run the below command.

         # ldapsearch -h my_ldapserver "(&(uid=my_testuser)(objectClass=*))"

Replace my_ladapserver and my_testuser with proper values.

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