What is "patch is not signed" mesage while applying the ClearPass 6.3.0 Patch

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
I have downloaded the patch from http://support.arubanetworks.com/DownloadSoftware/tabid/75/DMXModule/510/EntryId/12920/Default.aspx and the name of the patch is " CPPM-x86_64-20140121-clearpass-6.3-fixes-patch.zip.signed".
While installing the patch i get a message that the patch is not signed.


Environment : This applies to CPPM versions 6.3 and greater


Below is the message seen on the WebUI of CPPM while installing the " CPPM-x86_64-20140121-clearpass-6.3-fixes-patch.zip.signed" patch.

"CPPM-x86-20140121-clearpass-6.3-fixes-patch.bin is not signed"


The reason for this message is listed below

CPPM have included changes in 6.3 so that one patch - the signed one uploaded from UI  can also be used for the installation from CLI (to avoid dealing multiple types). The message shown above is  from the installation script, just indicating what it is using is the unsigned patch( because after uploading in UI, the file is broken to meta data and the regular bin parts). If the same file is installed from CLI using system update command it would indicate that it is using the signed patch.

We can ignore this message and continue with the installation.

It would take a while for the installation of the patch and once the patch is applied we can see the patch information by clicking on the link showing the version of CPPM at the bottom the page.


Please make sure that we reboot the server after the patch is installed. We would see a message on the GUI to restart the server.


We can restart the server by clicking on the " Need Restart" link or running the #system restart from the CLI.


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