What is the minimum Bandwidth consumption for Publisher and Subscriber in CPPM ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This applies to CPPM 6.2 only


The data traffic depends on what we are using the cluster for.
Cluster testing performed against 6.2 gives the following approximate traffic flows for an idle cluster (no authentications, no guest account creation, no configuration changes):

  • Publisher -> Subscriber:  approx. 150 MB per 24 hours (unidirectional)
  • Subscriber -> Publisher:  approx. 150 MB per 24 hours (unidirectional)
  • Subscriber -> Subscriber:  approx. 135 MB per 24 hours (unidirectional)

This is an absolute minimum requirement.  Doing things with the cluster will increase the traffic flow.
Measurements made against 6.2 give the following approximate traffic flows:

  • Subscriber -> Publisher:  3 KB per guest registration
  • Publisher -> Subscriber: 75 KB per guest registration

For database replication of a created guest account:

  • Publisher -> Subscriber: ~1 KB per guest account
  • Subscriber -> Publisher: ~0.6 KB per guest account

For Insight traffic (guest account creation):

  • Publisher -> Insight node: ~1.6 KB per guest account
  • Insight -> Publisher: ~1.4 KB per guest account
  • Subscriber -> Insight node: ~0.5 KB per authentication
  • Insight -> Subscriber: ~1 KB per authentication

These are approximate figures, We would recommend at least doubling the traffic calculations based on a projected load to ensure there is headroom for future growth and other traffic flows that have not been measured.
These figures also assume 100% reliability and sub-millisecond latency in the network, which is unrealistic for a WAN.
These figures have not been updated for 6.3 yet - there are additional traffic flows new to 6.3 and there have been changes to existing flows that may change the traffic model outlined above.



This information is received from an email sent out in Dl- clearpass-tech.

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