What to do when Designated Standby ( Subscriber) goes out of sync / is down for a long period.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

When subscriber (configured as Designated Standby) went out of sync, you may have noticed that Publisher marks the node as disabled / cluster sync status is disabled.

In such a situation, please use the below steps:

1.On a subscriber node (configured as Designated Standby), if needed take a  backup.
2.Perform a cluster reset-database.
With Appadmin login,
rtaImage (1).png
3. Perform “Make-Subscriber” operation to join back into cluster.
rtaImage (2).png
NOTE: Cluster password can be changed from Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration.
rtaImage (3).png
4. After the node is joined as subscriber, check if VIP Service is running on the new subscriber. If stopped, please start the same.
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5. This will succeed and High Availability features like VIP and Publisher Standby configurations are restored on this Subscriber node.

Note: In the above steps, you need not drop any of the high availability features before joining the out of sync/disabled Designated standby into cluster.





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Hey Arun,


I just wanted to say that I do like your post, but I think we need to make an important clarification here - if the  subscriber (configured as Designated Standby) is out of sync  due to failure of the primary subscriber this process may end up causing more problems than actually resolving the cluster status. Especially if any changes were made to the Standby Publisher while the primary was down, the user would end up overwriting all of those changes if they were to follow the procedure specified above. 


And talking about that, could you please let us know what is the recommended procedure to use in order to recover from a failure of the primary publisher node?


Thank you and appreciate your posts

Hi Thristov,



After the failure of primary Publisher node, every hour the Event Viewer entry generates an entry prompting the admin that there is Publisher Failure, until one of the following is done:

Join back the original publisher into cluster or Configure some other node in cluster as Designated standby.



Please follow anyone of the below procedure to join back the original publisher back into cluster:

a.     When the Original Publisher gets back in action, it still displays as publisher with subscriber nodes. Drop all the subscriber nodes. This process gets ignored by the subscriber nodes as their publisher is New Publisher that is Satndby Publisher.
b.     It may prompt to Disable Standby publisher / VIP settings before dropping, please perform the same to continue dropping the nodes.
c.     Take a backup of all the configdb and logs on this original publisher if needed.
d.     Refresh the UI, and navigate to Server Configuration Screen.
e.     Click on Make Subscriber link, to join back the node into cluster.



a.   Collect the backup of all the configuration and logs from the original publisher if needed.

b.   SSH to the server as "appadmin" user and reset the server/database by executing the command "cluster reset-database".

c.   Login to GUI and navigate to Administration >> Server Manager and click on Make Subscriber link, to join back the node into cluster.

After the original publisher is joined back to the cluster as Subscriber, go ahead and promote it as Publisher again.

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