What traps does Clearpass send to External server.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : Clearpass : 6.2



Policy Manager sends SNMP traps that expose the following server information:


  • System uptime:  Conveys information about how long the system is running
  • Network interface statistics [up/down]:  Provides information if the network interface is up or down.
  • Process monitoring information:  Check for the processes that should be running. Maximum and minimum number of allowed instances. Sends traps if there is a change in value of maximum and minimum numbers.
  • Disk usage: Check for disk space usage of a partition. The agent can check the amount of available disk space, and make sure it is above a set limit. The value can be in % as well. Sends traps if there is a change in the value.
  • CPU load information: Check for unreasonable load average values. For example if 1 minute CPU load average exceeds the configured value [in percentage] then system would send the trap to the configured destination.
  • Memory usage:  Report the memory usage of the system.
  • The Policy Manager SNMP Trap Configuration page at Administration > External Servers > SNMP Trap Receivers


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