Wildcard certificates for Amigopod

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Instructions to use a single wildcard SSL certificate across multiple Amigopod servers.

1. On the Administrator -> Network Setup -> SSL Certificate page, click "SSL Certificate Request", then "Create a new CSR"

2. On the New Certificate Request screen, include a wildcard in the SSL Host field. For example:


3. Provide the CSR to your Certificate Authority to get your new certificate and install the signed certificate as usual.

Then, to redistribute the same certificate to other Amigopod instances, please follow steps 4 & 5.

4. On the Administrator -> Backup & Restore page, create a custom backup with only the SSL Certificate Setup. (To do that: Unselect All, then click the blue down arrow next to Server Configuration, then select "SSL Certificate Setup")

5. On your other servers, restore this backup.

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