infrastructure requirements to support CPPM cluster

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question- What are the infrastructure requirements to support continued growth of our existing ClearPass cluster? Including latency, bandwidth, publisher storage/compute/memory/IO, or any other requirement for optimal operation?

Answer-  Below is the sizing guide provided by engineering for VM deployments:
-    At least 12 Virtual CPUs (Aruba hardware appliances ship with 24 cores)
-    1024 GB disk space
-    At least 24 GB RAM (Aruba hardware appliances ship with 64 GB RAM)
-    2 Gigabit virtual switched ports
-    Functional IOP rating for a 40-60 read/write profile for 4K random read/write = 350
The 25K hardware appliances are well equipped with sufficient resources to support the latest CPPM firmware releases.
- In a large-scale deployment, reduced bandwidth or high latency (>200ms) on the link will provide lower quality user experience. For reliable operation of each subscriber, ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth available for communications with the publisher. For basic auth, we don't necessarily have a requirement for high bandwidth, but the number of round trips to complete an EAP authentication (maybe in excess of 10) could add up to an amount of time and delay for the end-user.


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