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Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

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lg-certification-badge.acma copy.pngIn May we will be starting our Becoming Mobility Certified series with ACMA. Please follow along and help improve the community with ACMA related topics and questions.


The Aruba-Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA ) exam questions cover the topics listed below. The questions include key concepts, networking and topology design, GUI and CLI interpretation, GUI and CLI troubleshooting and interpretation of CLI configuration file segments.


An ACMA certified engineer is able to deploy and managea wireless LAN based on a single Aruba Mobility Controller. Certification exam topics include configuration wizards, provisioning access points, authentication, encryption, firewall operation and policies, role based access control, the AP bootprocess, and remote access point configuration.


Candidates are recommended to complete Implementing ArubaWireless (IAW) course prior to taking the ACMA exam. Alternatively, candidates can attend the Mobility Boot Camp (MBC). The Pearson/VUE administered exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within sixty minutes.


The exam fee is $125.



Product Knowledge

Firewall Roles and Policies


Planning and Design


Study Guide


Practice Quiz updated 5/12/2014

2014-05-09 12.16.42.png



---Stay Tuned, more to come on this page.


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Sean Rynearson
New Contributor

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

Great Stuff really appreciate your effort, Would be really Great if you can create some thing simillar for Airwave

Regular Contributor I

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

I took the quiz just off the cuff to see how I would do. Scored 68% without looking at exam objectives. I'm sure with a touch of studying I could relatively easily pass the test. 


Questions that tripped me up were more specific to Aruba Products than networking/Wireless. 


Are there any other "practice tests" freely available to the public? I'm the kind of person that can memorize test questions relatively easily. So Re-taking the same quiz would not do me much good because I'll generally remember the correct answer, not what actually makes it correct. 



Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

For the question

28.Choices for L2 Authentication configuration in AOS include

  • MAC Authentication
  • 802.1x
  • Stateful 802.1x
  • Captive Portal

The answer is incorrect when selecting the appropiate answers. Needs to be revised :)

Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
ACDX #420 | ACCA
[If you found my post helpful, please give kudos!]
Not applicable

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

Thanks for the heads up. Ill straighten it out.


Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

133 people have taken this ACMA practice quiz as of today. :-) Great Job Guys! 

Sean Rynearson
Frequent Contributor I

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

I've been mulling over whether to renew my ACMA certification and I think this resource has just convinced me to do so.


That and I've just pased the practice test with 82% in about 10 mins.


I did have access to my controller GUI and the Interweb though, which is kinda cheating :-)  (Although I seem to recall the original exam I took was open book?)


PS, many thanks for the great post.

Frequent Contributor I

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

Is this valid for ACMA 6.1 OR ACMA 6.3?


New Contributor

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

The study guide that you gave is for 6.1.

how about 6.3? is there any additional topic to covered?

Regular Contributor II

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMA - May 2014

For the Product knowledge section of the study guide, I was wondering is it all the access points and controllers or just the products that are not end of life or end of sale? Because, we have AP-125 and a 6000 w/ an M3 card. When you look at the product matrix for controllers it is not listed and same thing with the AP-125 on the AP matrix. Working on making a spreadsheet with all the information on the products that would be found on the exam.

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